Gift Certificate





Give your friend or loved one the unique experience of building their own watch with their very own design choices.

Select your gift certificate amount and receive a code to give as a gift.


DIY Wrist Watch Kit: $170

Have Our Watchmaker Assemble It: $89

Add Rotor Engraving: $129

Add Buckle Engraving: $19

Dial Printing: $149


Gift Certificate FAQ’s
Which email address will the gift card be shipped?
The gift card will be sent to the buyer’s billing email address.

Why haven’t I received the email containing the gift card code?
The gift card code is generated only after the order status goes to “complete” and therefore it will be sent to the email address entered.

What happens if I spend less than the total card amount?
Each time the gift card is used, its available credit is updated and if there’s some left, it can be used for future purchases.

Can I share a gift card?
The gift card is sent to the buyer’s email address, but anyone who has the code can use it.